Wednesday, September 21, 2011


The premise of the justice system is to convict a citizen when there is guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Especially in the matter of the brutal business of the government taking a man's life. An American man, Troy Davis, is going to be killed in Georgia, tonight, Wednesday, September 21, 2011 at 7:00 pm for the alleged 1989 murder of police officer. There is much reasonable doubt regarding this man's guilt. There are a litany of reasons why this man should not die tonight. A witness testified that another man confessed to the murders. Multiple jurors recanted their original verdicts. The former FBI director William Sessions demanded that the death sentence be commuted. The Atlanta Journal Constitution argued that the basis of the guilty verdict is now clearly in doubt. In America, we don't ask people to prove their innocence! Our jurist prudent system states that we must find people guilty to all exclusions of any doubt. Clearly there was doubt on so many instances. How is it that America can actually kill people when they may be innocent?

If you can't prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt then you can't kill this man. This case has the world's attention. When did we start to ignore all statements of doubt by those who have looked long and hard at the case and apply the cruelest punishment of all. Death can never be remedied. You can't take it back. This man is about to be murdered. Regardless of how we justify it, the execution of a prisoner is a state sanctioned murder. This needs to stop people. Please make your voices heard.

I urge politicians, celebrities, and leaders to make their voices heard. Remember the saying about the squeeky wheel? The last resort there is for the District Attorney to remove the death warrant on the life of Troy Davis. This is truly sad and injust. God Bless Troy Davis and his family

According to Amnesty International, nearly 1 million people have signed a petition on Davis' behalf. His supporters include former President Jimmy Carter, Pope Benedict XVI, a former FBI director, the NAACP, several conservative figures and many celebrities, including hip-hop star Sean "P. Diddy" Combs, Natalie Maines and many others. It seems that the cries will be in vain. According to officials he will be dead in minutes.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Talk Continues To Stay Hush Hush

It's been two days and CBS is crowing about the fact that The Talk has not dipped at all in the ratings. I'm reading this and I'm thinking they are happy about not dipping? Which by the way, I'm not sure I believe. Reason being is that every blog, message board, twitter, and face book is posting hundreds of people's disappointment of the change. People are tweeting that they took it off their dvr and tivo. So I'm not sure who is supposedly watching. No matter how much they are ignoring the huge elephant in the room, folks are still passionately voicing their disgust.

How can they get away with taking two important elements off the show and discarding them like yesterday's trash? Not to mention, turning the knife and pouring salt in the wound by not even acknowledging their contributions to the show during the first season. Everyone acts as if they were never even there! Oh yeah, Mrs O tweeted "Great first day. Missed Leah and Holly." Really? Really? Don't let the assholes at CBS get away with this. Keep it up folks. I know I will.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Trendy Mindy News: The Talk Doesn't Talk

Trendy Mindy News: The Talk Doesn't Talk: Despite The Talk's mantra, "Let's Talk". They did none of that on Tuesday, September 6th. Full disclosure, I never watched The Talk eve...

The Talk Doesn't Talk

Despite The Talk's mantra, "Let's Talk". They did none of that on Tuesday, September 6th. Full disclosure, I never watched The Talk ever until this past July. I found myself gravitating towards it when there was really nothing else new to watch this summer. The producers of The Talk guessed right and stayed on the air when The View went on hiatus. So to get my View fix on, I started watching the show. Full disclosure once again, I never really liked Holly Robinson Peete. I thought she was kind of cocky and a little annoying. She did not appear in the best light on Celebrity Apprentice. But I like Sharon Osbourne and I love love love Leah Remini. A great friend of mine is a King of Queens addict so I fell in love with her and her acting. I started to tune in and I liked all these women conversing on all kinds of topics. I felt like their chemistry was natural and that they genuinely liked each other. The producer's gamble paid off and The Talk had the best ratings in July ever. Mainly because the audience was getting to know all the real life personalities. It was killing in the ratings and in all the right demographics for advertisers. I thought to myself wow this is really working out and thank God for Leah and Holly this show is really working. Another admission: I continued to watch the show even though Julie Chen in my opinion is not watchable and neither is Sara Gilbert. But Sara produces the show and Julie's husband is Les Moonvez who runs the network. Thus, they aren't going anywhere.

So here is what happened. Immediately when The Talk went on hiatus, rumors started swirling that Holly and Leah were not going to be asked back. I was floored. Usually, I don't get involved with this stuff because it doesn't pay my bills, but it seemed like such a bad decision. Leah and Holly were the show. They were hysterical and they each wore their heart on their respective sleeves. I started following them both on Twitter and they were tweeting that they had not yet heard if their contracts were renewed. To me, it was really wrong of them to be treated like this. Those shitheads, the producers, had already made up their minds they weren't going to ask Holly and Leah back. Leah even tweeted with humor that they better tell her soon otherwise it would be very awkward when she showed up for work. Finally, Leah tweeted that she was asked to clean out her dressing room. This was two weeks before the show was set to premiere. So everyone immediately assumed Holly was notified too. Well, we were all duped again. Holly tweeted that she still was not notified. I just think this was wrong how they were treated when they helped launch the show and put their whole heart and soul into it. Creating a buzz and a major contributing factor to the high ratings.

Today was the premiere of the show. I sat on my couch with baded breath as to how they would handle announcing the stunning departure of these two enormously talented women. So promos come on and they announce the two new co-hosts, who I like by the way, but I couldn't tell you their names. It was like hearing the new cast of Dancing With The Stars. I know two of them and none of them are stars. They start the show and there is no mention of Leah and Holly with any thanks or well wishes. Do they think their audience is that stupid? Come on people, the whole mantra of the show is "let's talk"... and let's have the talk.. and you have to talk... and blah and blah.. I can't believe they are such cowards and chicken shit and didn't confront the very obvious elephant in the room. I have to say, I have never believed in boycotting until now. I will never watch that show again because they are liers and they do everything but really talk. Not to mention, and I'm trying to be politically correct when I say this, but they did take the eye candy away from the show. And please don't crucify me for this because I know its not about looks. All I will say is Leah is drop dead gorgeous and Holly is very attractive and both are easy on the eyes. The replacements, well let's just say, I plead the fifth. Ugh! I'm annoyed. I love Leah and Holly and wish them all the best and I am joining the campaign that they should have their own talk show. And like I said I never get involved in celebrity drama but this is just wrong. Peace and Love